An Integral Component of Digital Innovation in Drug Development.

Qizen Therapeutics is

Leading Research and Development

Pioneering position in the newly emerging biotech industry in Finland. Qizen introduced a unique virtual biotech model, running R&D operations not only in clinical development phases, but also in early discovery research stage, named ‘Network R&D’ model.

“I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts.”

Steffen Mittwich

CEO, Qizen Therapeutics

Our Values
Our Motivation

What drives us will
change the world for good

Humanity First

We are focused on our impact in society and our place in history. We believe we can change the turn of history and profit.


Our Research processes are known and standard. Our data is available to everyone for the sake of medical science.

Team Spirit

Everyone works together. We believe that error is minimized by giving importance to each and every team member.


In the cure for disease, time of discovery is of the essence. We are timely in our isolation of the issue and research.


Feedbacks and follow-ups are in our culture as a company. This way we know on time what we got right.


Everyone we put on the team has to come with a unique CV with rich portfolio. Simply because we want the best.

Our Work

Areas of Specialty

Our Therapeutic work cuts across several areas of medical science development. Every aspect is handled by a specialist in that field.

Clinical Development

We have been working to develop cure to diseases.

Scientific Networking

We have worked in connecting discoveries across experts.


We are giving better life to the living with the living.

Value Chain

Value creation between early discovery to clinical proof-of-concept.

Business Philosophy

We are focused on patients, healthcare ecosystem & Communities.

Our philosophy, our actions and our products are testimonials to our commitment towards the patients, the healthcare ecosystem and the communities that we serve.

Qizen portfolio plan aims to achieve balanced innovation by strategic positioning of the R&D programs.

Our Brands