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An Integral Component of Digital Innovation in Drug Development.

Qizen Therapeutics

Founded in 2009, we are guided at all times by our promise of caring for our customer’s health and well-being. To achieve this objective, we have invested in research, continuous learning and technology to develop high quality and affordable medicines to address unmet patient needs and being able to tackle on new scientific innovations in various therapeutic areas through experts network.

Qizen mainly engages in value creation between early discovery to clinical proof-of-concept. The particular concentration in the value chain creates more efficient organizational structure with clear focus on innovation. Qizen believes late stage development is better handled by fully integrated pharmaceutical/biotech industry with proper marketing function in the therapeutic area. Qizen’s mission is to provide creativity and medical upgrades for healthy living to help patients around the world. Through fulfilling the mission, Qizen will be able to create concrete value for its stakeholders.

Qizen Therapeutics is

Leading Research and Development

Pioneering position in the newly emerging biotech industry in Finland. Qizen introduced a unique virtual biotech model, running R&D operations not only in clinical development phases, but also in early discovery research stage, named ‘Network R&D’ model.

Profit for us is when a trial is concluded successfully and there is that result that we know will save lives for the next 100 years. It is a feeling you cannot beat, a sense of achievement you can only attain in this profession.

Steffen Mittwich

CEO, Qizen Therapeutics

Areas of Focus

Focus, Value and Philosophy

Our Therapeutic work cuts across several areas of medical science development. Every aspect is handled by a specialist in that field.

Our philosophy, our actions and our products are testimonials to our commitment towards the patients, the healthcare ecosystem and the communities that we serve.

Qizen portfolio plan aims to achieve balanced innovation by strategic positioning of the R&D programs.

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